5 Star Loop paper

100% recycled paper made from your office waste

Revolutionary new service from Aston & James 

5 Star Loop paper is a 100% recycled closed loop paper. Closed loop (circular economy) refers to the process in which the paper is produced. The process is simple, rather than having your waste collected by an external party we will collect your white paper waste for FREE, when delivering your workplace essentials, reducing our carbon footprint. That waste, alongside waste from other customers, is sorted, bundled and shipped to the mill where it is turned into 5 Star Loop paper. The 100% recycled paper is then delivered to us ready for when you order your paper; including greater price benefits for participating. Simple and environmental friendly – also helping to avoid UK Landfill! 

Using 83% less water, 71% less energy, 100% less timber and 53% less CO2 compared to standard copier paper, 5 Star Loop paper is the ideal choice for those wanting an excellent quality product which helps protect the UK environment, saves energy and precious resources.

Available in A4 80gsm, by the ream, box or pallet; 5 Star Loop paper can be used on laser, copy and inkjet machines. Whiteness OBA level of the paper is CIE 135; the highest level of whiteness achievable without using optical bleaching agents. 

How it works:

  • Put your waste office paper into the special bins that we provide, at minimal cost 
  • We will collect your paper for FREE when delivering your stationery reducing our carbon footprint
  • Your sorted paper, alongside other customers waste, is sent to the eco factory to be 100% recycled
  • You buy 5 Star Remarkable Loop paper back from us...the loop then starts again 
  • Watch our informative video to find out more

Environmental Impact:

5 Star Loop paper is made from the office paper waste we collect from you (it can be used and recycled up to 20 times). By participating and contributing you will be helping to avoid UK landfill (landfill tax will increase to £80 per tonne on 1st April 2014), protect the UK environment and save energy and resources. You will also receive a greater price benefit compared to those who do not supply their waste. 

Compared to normal standard copier paper, 500 sheets of 5 Star Loop paper results in the following savings: 5 Star Loop Stats      






Benefits to you:

  • FREE waste paper collection, with price benefits for participating
  • Enables you to tick CSR policies
  • Helps you meet some of the CSR challenges
  • Helps towards ISO14001
  • Meets UK regulation ‘your waste your responsibility’ TEA
  • Reduces landfill costs (landfill tax will increase to £80 per tonne on 1st April 2014)
  • Positive contribution to environment
  • Enhances brand perception (to staff, suppliers and customers)  

The Mill:

Steinbeis is 60km from Hamburg; they use only 100% recovered paper to become the most advanced recovered paper processing plant in Europe. Their entire paper range has been awarded Blue Angel status since 1983. Blue Angel is the highest standard, where no optical bleaching agents are used in the process.5 Star Loop paper has been awarded the Blue Angel accreditation and EU label, amongst others. The whiteness of the paper is CIE 135 (whiteness OBA levels). Which is the highest level of whiteness achievable without using optical bleaching agents. UK Standard C Grade office paper is typically 145 to 150 CIE therefore 5 Star Loop has an excellent whiteness without the use of environmentally harmful bleaching agents.  

What next:

  • We’ll collect your waste paper for FREE, when delivering your office supplies
  • We’ll recycle it
  • We’ll sell it back to you as office paper 

To be used again... and again, and again. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  

Contact us to find out more about this revolutionary service. Alternatively request a paper sample today. Call 01993 706900 or email sales@aston-james.co.uk for more information watch our informative video.