World Stationery Day!

It's World Stationery Day, a day that celebrates all things hand written. I know its slightly ironic to be writing a blog about stationery on my desktop but there's a place for both in today's world.

It's ridiculous to think that handwriting will again become the main form of communication. I, like a lot of you i'm sure wouldn't be able to do 90% of my job if everything had to be handwritten. so where is hand written communication's place?


Letters are something I feel could never be written on the PC. Receiving a letter made on a computer just screams "this is a mass produced letter, there are 300 identical ones". The personal touch of a handwritten letter will always trump a PC version. Imagine finding a letter folded up in your back pocket, you open it and its a love letter from your partner, it's typed out.... Immediately the magic of the words has been dimmed slightly and you're going to think they've been on (not a real site).


Nothing beats the excitement of seeing your name written on a brightly coloured envelope to open it and see what message they have written on the inside; Birthday, a thank you, or a congratulations hand written cards are great. I'm not going to deny the ease and convenience of sites like moon-pig or funky pigeon but seeing a printed address on the envelope means two things; 1 this person didn't take the time to write this out personally to you and 2 your elderly relative hasn't taped a pound coin to the inside of the card.


Children at school are more likely to do more writing day to day than we as adults do, but when they get stuck on a question in their homework can we avoid picking up the pen or pencil to help? No, so being component is very important. Look i'm not saying just because we use PC's at work it means were going to forget how to write but imagine this. You're a child and your doing handwriting homework, you ask one of your parents for help and they say "Oh i'm not sure, you don't really need handwriting once you leave school" How do you think their attitude will change to doing that work in the future?

As you can see writing is a much more loving and personal way of delivering a message to someone. It's important we don't let writing die out to be entirely replaced by phone or PC they can live together. Remember #writingmatters Happy World Stationery Day.


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