Clean as a whistle? Or as dirty as your office.

Nobody wants to be known as the messy one in the office… If you are struggling to think who your messiest co-worker is, you either have the cleanest office in the world, or it’s you. There are usually four key bad habits that office workers find the most disgusting and annoying which are…

Open Air Coughing/Sneezing
Everyone knows that germs can be spread in the air and through contact with contaminated surfaces but still, this is not enough to deter the culprits of open air coughing and sneezing. Just carelessly shooting germs across the office infecting the space around them. Not only would covering their mouth and washing their hands fight the spread of germs, it would also help combat everyone else in the office from being grossed out by about 100%.

Cluttered Desk
How annoying is it when a co-worker comes to you and asks for the sheet of paper you put on their desk 2 days ago just for you to go and find it under a mountain of other paperwork, biscuit wrappers and mugs? Keeping your desk tidy doesn't just look more professional but also helps your mind stay clear and fresh.

No wash-n-go
There are two different culprits in this section. Those who don't wash their hands after leaving the toilet which of course is vile, spreading the germs on handles and their keyboard amongst other places. But also those who put their washing in the sink and don't wash it up. The office isn't a hotel and people don't enjoy cleaning up others messes especially not an old mug half full with cold tea.

Personal Hygiene
Personal hygiene is important across the board and everyone knows that so, you can kiss your credibility good bye if your co-workers are put off by your bad breath, body odour or general un-cleanliness. Personal hygiene is much more than how you look or smell, because employers and co-workers will match your hygiene to how you handle your work and other responsibilities. If you can’t take care of yourself, how can they trust you to take care of important jobs?

People ultimately are hard to change and some people are comfy in their untidy and slightly dirty bubble, but don't let their choices impact you. Keeping yourself and your workplace as clean as possible will of course help combat the spread of germs, but it also reflects the attitude of the business and the staff. We have a range of office cleaning products that cover all areas across the workplace including; Desk top cleaners, polishes, glass cleaners and kitchen disinfectants. You can view our range on the link below. Is there any disgusting habits that someone in your office has that we missed? Let us know by commenting below!

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