Are you a savvy with your storage?

If you're anything like me space on your desk and in your drawers is limited, full with stationery, electronic items, catalogues and things that I couldn't tell you the origin of. So how can we make the best of the space in our drawers and desk? Here are 9 storage hacks to make your desk more storage savvy.

Velcro for Remotes
If you have something like a projector in your office, and you are constantly losing the remote, why not stick some Velcro to the inside of your drawer and to the remote to make sure you always know where it is.

Organise your cables with clips
If you have any unsightly wires hanging around, a cheap way to tidy them up is to use a fold back clip on the edge of your desk and run the cable through the metal arms.

Ice tray drawer organiser
Using a couple of ice trays to store items in your drawers is great for keeping the small and usually hard to organise items in one easy to manage place. But ice cube trays can only hold a certain size of item which leads me to the next storage hack

Cereal drawer organiser
A cereal box can be cut to different sizes tailored to fit your drawers and to what you need organised in there. Obviously a brightly coloured box of cornflakes doesn't look the best in your drawer so wrap it in some nice wrapping paper to make it easier on the eye.

Toilet paper roll cable tidy
If you have a spare USB cable or a set of headphones loose in your drawer why not try storing them in and old toilet roll tube. You just stuff the rolled up cords inside the toilet paper tubes.

Velcro power strips
If you have an extension cable under your desk with plugs pointing out in every direction causing you to get your feet tangled every time you sit at your desk, then why not try Velcro-ing it to the leg of your desk to keep it out of the way.

Clipboard divider
This is my personal favourite hack (which as far as Iím aware I invented). If you sit opposite/next to someone and have a desk divider, attach a clipboard on backwards (so the clip is on the other side to you) onto the divider. This gives you a flat surface in your eye line to attach sticky notes to. This saves precious desktop space and keeps your notes from going walk abouts. Just be sure to ask the person on the other side of the desk if they mind having the clip on their side!

Cable labels
Labelling your cables helps keep them in a logical order. If you label your cables you can see if they are in the best location for the job they are doing.

Store it away
The final hack is to store things away from your desk. It sounds obvious but I bet there are things on your desk or in your drawers that you haven't used or needed in months, I know I have. With desk space being such a luxury it doesn't make sense to use it up on old work.

I hope these tips were useful and if you have any tips that I haven't mentioned tell us about it by commenting below. If you feel your storage issues go further than this we have a great deal on our brand new 5 Star storage range which can be found on the link below.

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