Do You Need A Defibrillator In The Office?

Do we really need a defibrillator in the office?

5% of all Sudden Cardiac Arrests happen in the workplace - 100 people a week in the UK alone! Having a defibrillator in your workplace isn't currently a legal requirement but it could soon well be. With every minute that passes from the time of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) to defibrillation; the chances of survival diminish by 10%. After 10 minutes the chances of survival are almost zero and with the average ambulance response time across Oxfordshire being around 8 minutes, it could be too late.

Unfortunately most companies who purchase a defibrillator have already had an experience in the workplace that pushes them to have one. It's easy for us to put something like having a defibrillator in the office to the back of our minds especially if we haven't had to experience a situation in which we've needed it. Don't be reactive.

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