Take Your Break!

There are two types of people; those who take their breaks and won't believe that stats of how many of us don't take breaks, and those who don't take their breaks and feel they don't have the time. Did you know two thirds of employees said they are not always able to stop work to eat lunch for 20 minutes, (the minimum legal requirement for people working six or more hours). Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your lunch break (If you take one.)


It seems obvious but eating on your lunch break is very important, not only for your health but also your moral and brain activity. Sometimes all you need is a few calories to lift your day and eating foods like fish, nuts, whole grains, carrots and avocado will all help you to be more productive in the afternoon.

Take a Walk

Exercise is great for reducing stress, improving your mood, concentration and your health. The added benefit of being outside of the workplace also subconsciously leads you to relax and think less about work.

Shut Down

Having a break from screens, phones or music can improve your sustained concentration throughout the rest of the day. Your brain like your muscles needs time to recuperate. Staring at a screen all day can exhaust the cognitive part of your brain making it harder to carry out tasks in general.

Visit a Cafe

If you absolutely can't take a break and need to do some work during your break why not try and complete this work in a cafe? The relaxed atmosphere and background sounds of a cafe can help you to be more creative. Being in a different location can help you to complete work without any of the usual workplace distractions.

Enjoy your hobby

Whatever you enjoy doing whether its knitting, basketball or remote control cars, doing something your passionate about on your lunch gives you the chance to take your mind away from work and put it into your hobby if you're doing something you love you are much more likely to; 1 take your break in the first place and 2 make the most of it when you are on it.

Take It!

The most important thing to do when taking a break is to take one. No matter what you are doing on your break just being on a break is so important to how we feel and perform at work.

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