Save energy, save pennies!

Now a days we are all looking to have greener workplaces, so if we can do so easily while also spending no money (and possibly saving a few pennies) then surely that's a bonus. Here are 5 ways to be save energy in the office.

Turn it off!

It seems obvious but make sure machines, screens, printers and lights are all switched off at the end of the day or if not in use for a long time. A lot of people who are attending events, meetings or visiting customers will leave their machine on all day so they don't have to log in again when they return. Re logging in only takes a few seconds and you'll be amazed how much energy you save.

Close the Blinds

During the colder months try shutting the blind rather than reaching for the thermostat you will be surprised what a difference a little bit of insulation can make to the temperature in the office.

Energy saving modes & Items

Using energy saving light bulbs has been an option for a while. But there are modes on our smartphones, laptops and desktops that allow us to waste less energy and conserve battery when not in use you could also try turning the brightness down not a huge change but still makes a difference.

Create less waste

If you use less you save more, not over filling the kettle when making someone a drink or sending someone a document on email rather than printing it saves time, saves energy and saves money.

Update old equipment

Modern equipment is geared to be more energy efficient; monitors, laptops and desktops are all much better for footprint now than they were even two years ago. Although there is a cost up front, long term you can save allot of money on running costs.

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