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Adhesives and Tapes

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Whether you are posting signs, or working on a more complex project, having a good supply of adhesive is very useful. Not only should you have a basic supply of clear tape and masking tape on hand, but you should consider keeping a supply of some speciality tapes, as well.

Invisible tape is useful for dealing with items that donít need to be affixed particularly strongly. Masking tape is a stronger tape that can be used to hold heavier objects together. Additional tapes you should consider include packing tape for large boxes that need to be shipped, double-sided tape for speciality projects, and printed tape if you need to mark an area off clearly. There are also many other adhesives useful in an office environment. Super glue and spray adhesives are useful to have on hand if you need to fix something quickly, and painterís tape allows you to affix something to a wall without worrying about peeling paint when it is removed.

The different adhesives are arranged in simple categories, allowing you to pick what you need and stock up on it easily. 

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