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Canteen furniture such as tables and chairs are perfect for the break and dining rooms in any office. Having the right furniture is very important as it provides your staff with a comfortable place to eat and relax away from their busy desks.

Aston & James offers many different colours  finishes, and styles of canteen furniture so you can choose a style that fits in well with the rest of your office.

Here at Aston & James we supply various round tables and square tables as well as a good selection of chairs and stools. You can give your employees a bar stool style of furniture or go for a more traditional set of tables and chairs. Our chairs come with wood, plastic, and metal backs, all of which allow for both comfort and style.

With Aston & James, you can make the break room a relaxing place that will have your employees feeling refreshed and eager when they return to work.

For more information on our canteen furniture please contact us at any time on 01993 706900 to speak to a member of our team.