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A good computer workstation can improve productivity throughout an office while also reducing employee fatigue. Employees get very tired sitting in one place all day, as a combination of back and eye strain wears the body down and can potentially cause long-term health issues. These problems can be mitigated by a proper workstation setup.

You can choose any number of different arrangements that fit in with the requirements of the work at hand and the employee’s own comfort needs. Everything from colour to size to setup is customisable. Standard workstations include plenty of room for all of an employee’s computer needs as well as a keyboard tray for ergonomic support. Smaller stations with wheels on the base make it easy to transport a computer down the hall for a meeting if needed.

The size of our workstations can vary depending on an employee’s personal space and desires. Some workstations resemble large desks, while others have a more space-saving cabinet style. All varieties contain enough room for the computer essentials, such as a tower, monitor, and printer. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it online at Aston & James.

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