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The Aston & James conference chairs range allows you to choose office furniture for your conference room that combines both comfort and style. Conferences and meetings often require simple furniture to accommodate many people in a room, but can have the drawback of being uncomfortable to sit in over long periods of time. By choosing your conference furniture from the variety offered by Aston & James, you can avoid these pitfalls and make your meetings run much more smoothly.

Most of the conference seating offered by Aston & James is of the stacking variety, which allows for easy storage. It also allows you to lay out a standard format for your conference room while including the option of adding more chairs as needed. These chairs can be stored at the back of the room in stacks, placed in a nearby closet, or wheeled to different areas through the use of office trollies.

As always, Aston & James provides many options for your office furniture. You can choose from cloth-covered seating to more traditional plastic or wooden chairs. Standard colours include the typical range of red, blue, green, gray, charcoal and black, allowing you to keep your conference room consistent with the rest of your office. If you need to colour match just give us a call. By shopping through Aston & James, you will be able to have complete control over your conference room’s appearance and functionality.

For more information on our conference seating please contact us at any time on 01993 706900 to speak to a member of our team.