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Sitting comfortably? Great, but....

An incorrect workstation can have a detrimental effect on your health! Many office workers are now sitting 10 hours per day. There are consequences!

1 in 3 of us are suffering from daily ailments caused by working at a computer including back problems, fatigue and headaches. When you’re sitting for so long, it’s vital that your workstation is comfortable as possible and set up in the right way to promote a happier healthier working life.

We offer a FREE DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessment Service which helps identify issues and implement appropriate steps to achieve the best working environment for you. For those of us that work at a desk it’s a legal requirement too!

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You can learn more about the perfect workstation below. Alternatively why not read our blog on sensible tips for a comfortable and happy workstation



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With so many things on her desk, Betty’s frequently navigating through piles of paperwork to locate her pen, memory stick, the important document - or even trying to find her lunch!

Come on Betty, it’s time to start working well for life!

Lucas is almost horizontal. He places no importance being organised or fussed about his mountain of files, empty cups, and dirty plates. How he manages to do his job, goodness knows!

Don’t sit back like Lucas... Start working well for life!

Stella understands the importance to work in a healthy way, but fails to put it into practice. She’s always slouched over her desk and regularly feels painful twinges. No wonder she’s stressed!

Don’t struggle like Stella... Start working well for life!

Hugo’s desk is his temple. Everything he needs is within easy reach and he has all the right ergonomic support in place. He still makes time for plenty of short breaks to exercise his legs.

Strive to be more like Hugo... Start working well for life!

Let us help you be more like Healthy Hugo. Request a FREE DSE Assessment or get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your requirements in more detail.