• Facilities Management

Facilities Management

With over 4,000 products our range is working hard to help provide a safe, legal and productive working environment. Throughout our range we provide relevant guidance to help ensure you can select the product most relevant to your needs. 

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Health & Safety Laws apply to you

Everybody has a duty to protect themselves and others from danger. At Aston & James we want to achieve a one stop shop for our customers Facilities Management.

Our range includes:

  • Materials Handling & Access
  • Storage and Shelving
  • Premises & Maintenance
  • Waste Management
  • PPE
  • Safety & Security
  • Signs & Labels
  • Cleaning, Hygiene & Washroom
  • Packaging & Post Room
  • Retail Supplies
  • Kitchen, Catering & Restroom
  • Reception, Conference & Office Environment

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