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Office furniture often needs to be customised to meet the requirement of different employees. Rather than ordering custom office furniture that might only fit a single employee, you can customise your office with furniture and seating accessories. These allow you to provide individualised support for your employees without having to sacrifice the overall flexibility of your work environment.

Aston & James offer a wide range of furniture accessories, including desk trays that can allow employees to keep track of small items such as pens and push pins, shelf rails that can add additional filing space to bookshelves, seat supports that can make office chairs more ergonomic, and much more. Each of these different accessories can be easily installed and removed, allowing you to adjust quickly if an employee leaves or changes offices. They also give employees a sense of uniqueness that can allow them to feel more at home in the office environment.

These accessories are important for overall efficiency, since they allow you to maximise workspace usage. They are also important for employee comfort, since they can be customised to fit an individualís medical needs or to mitigate the physical stresses caused by certain office jobs. 

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