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If you are involved in a law office or otherwise attached to the legal business, having plenty of legal and personal office supplies is a must. These supplies can help you organise your documents, keep track of important legal documents and classify important items with brightly coloured legal tape.

Aston & James provides a number of legal sundries such as pink legal tape and silk braids. These can be useful in highlighting the nature of ordinary-looking documents, alerting others that the papers contain legal information. For filing purposes, folders and envelopes are available in all different sizes. You can keep documents safe from the elements and reduce your chance of losing them with legal-sized manila wallets, or you can file contracts and important documents away in extra long folders. These items are all designed to accompany the larger legal size paper commonly used in contracts and court documents.

Being able to store documents is just one important facet of the legal business. Aston & James also provides lawyer books and pads to keep track of important clients and cases, as well as hardback registers to record the most important information. With Aston & James, you will never have to worry about losing or misplacing key court documents.

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