Managed Print Service - Spend less time and money

Managed Print Service

Why opt for a managed print service?
Our "Sprintwise" Management Print Service (MPS) is designed entirely around you! It frees you up to focus on what really matters - your business. We manage your print and document infrastructure forManaged Print Service you, ensuring that at all times you have the right combination of fully functioning and supported hardware and software for your business needs.

How does it help you?
By pulling all the print-related equipment around your business together and managing it as one consolidated infrastructure, you should expect to reduce the total number of devices you need. This consolidation is also an opportunity for you to control how the equipment is used, and drive your total document volumes down.

A fully managed infrastructure will deliver increased resilience and security
With reduced waste and environmental impact, you should look to optimise the paper processes and workflows you operate in-house. Your new print infrastructure can be used to digitise and automate your paper workflows which will drive up efficiency and staff productivity.

Don't under-estimate where an MPS can deliver benefits
These can often come from surprising areas and generate soft cost savings too. Our clients consistently tell us how our pro-active servicing has slashed the number of calls their in-house IT Service desks receive, freeing up valuable skilled staff to redeploy on value-added projects elsewhere in-house.

Providing a full Managed Print Service experience requires an extensive range of knowledg

e and expertise which is why Sprintwise is powered by our partner Balreed, one of the UK's leading providers of MPS. Certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standards, you can rely on the highest levels of quality and professionalism. As a nationwide independent, Balreed can supply and service a wide range of technology from the world's leading manufacturers, so the optimal mix of hardware, software and services can be combined and tailored to your unique business.

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Manage all your print needs in just 4 simple steps

Step 1 - Measure
We will conduct a thorough assessment of your current equipment and staff usage, and measure your key document processes against your business objectives to inform our strategy.

Step 2 - Design
We will design the optimal infrastructure for you which may include retaining some devices you already have, rationalising the fleet down to the right size and mix, and introducing new technology as required. We will also agree the account management, servicing and support required. For many clients our consolidated billing service proves invaluable and is another major benefit of MPS.

Step 3 - Implement
Transitioning to your new MPS and equipment is simple and straightforward. To minimise disruption we pre-configure all equipment to network IP address level at our national logistics facility. We also have a dedicated Client Support Team who will provide training support for your staff on-site, or via video-link, user guides and telephone support. Certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standards, you can rely on the highest levels of quality and professionalism from Balreed and Sprintwise MPS.

Step 4 - Deliver
We promise pro-active monitoring of your equipment; just-in-time delivery of consumables before you need them; real meter readings taken from your equipment automatically and pre-emptive fleet management to maximise your uptime. Our Managed Print Service will pre-empt many potential issues but when you need on-site service we are committed to respond rapidly with first time fix rates of over 93%. Live remote monitoring of your equipment by Balreed can also deliver real value. As well as minimising the need for your staff to intervene with devices, order and manage toner cartridges, or give meter readings, you will also see reduced demands on your internal IT support desk as Balreed pro-actively manages your devices.

Where to go from here? Contact us today on 01993 706900 [email protected] to find out more about this service. We will work with you to develop with the right option to suit your business and its needs.