One-Leg Stool

When we talk about wellness at work, one of the main topics that comes up time and again is when we are sitting down, how can we be sitting 'better'.

The latest piece of furniture on the market to help improve how you sit is the One-Leg stool from Gopak. This dynamic new stool promotes 'active' sitting as the unique curved base encourages you to rock and turn while on your seat. This specific movement improves your posture and for all you gym bunnies out there, it is also great for developing your core strength.

The stool has been used extensively across a number of different settings; from education (early years and upwards) where it is used by teaching staff and students, through to the office and the garden. It's not kidding when it claims to be versatile!

The stool comes in four sizes (32cm, 40cm, 48cm, and 54cm) and includes and anti-slip base as standard to enable some serious rocking and turning without falling over!

If you would like to learn more about the One-Leg Stool please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by emailing [email protected]

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