A happy office is a successful office

Being comfortable and happy in you workplace has a direct impact on your productivity. Which means investing in the areas you work in is ultimately investing in the people who work there. Here are a three small things you can do help improve your productivity.

Cater for everyone's needs

Some people like tea, some like coffee and some don't like either. In most offices if you aren't drinking a hot drinking you're are drinking water, these options don't give much choice to staff, so providing soft drinks or juice can help the non-hot drinkers feel included and keeping them hydrated will increase their brain activity and productivity.

Personal climates

It's the debate sure to divide even the friendliest of offices. It's too hot V too cold. Getting the general consensus and sticking with the majority's choice means upsetting the least amount of people but it is important to offer those on the other side something to create their own personal climate whether that means a desk fan or heather depending on the situation. Ultimately if people are comfortable they will work better.


Colour can play a huge part in the look and feel of an office. But some colours can have a direct impact on productivity for example; Blue - Calming & helps with focus Green - Reduces Fatigue Yellow - stimulates creativity Red - Increases blood flow & invokes passion. If you pick the right colour for you all new office re fit or maybe just some desk accessories it could have a hug impact on your productivity.

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