Furniture is a big deal!

Getting the right furniture can change the whole feel of an office. From how the staff work to how visitors feel about your company. So what can we do to make sure we give a good impression and motivate staff?


Having a light, bright office gives a clean professional look. If you are lucky enough to have a large window and you have the British weather on your side the natural light that comes in can make a huge difference to the way your office looks, but also peoples mood and productivity.


Carrying on from the last point colour is hugely important to the look and feel of an office. Lighter colours will make the room feel larger and less cluttered. Some colours can even effect the way you work, you can learn more about the effects of colours on workers in our previous blog which is linked below.


You could have the best office space in the world but if your staff aren't comfortable you aren't getting what you need. There is a reason companies like Google and Amazon place such importance on their offices being perfect for their staff. It's because they know to get the best from their workers they have to cater to staff member's needs. Whether that means a Sit & Stand desk or just a simple wrist rest.

Room Plan

Planning how to get the most out of your space is very important to the look and feel of the office. There's nothing worse than having to get on with your day to day work with everyone on top of you. Take the time to plan and design where your furniture will go and if you're planning to grow make sure you take that into account.

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