Are you sitting comfortably?

Here are some sensible tips for a comfortable and happy workstation

How comfortable do you find your desk and office space? For those of us that work at a desk, itís a legal requirement to carry out a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessment for each employee.
The DSE Assessment is a checklist that identifies risk at your workstation and working environment and is an essential Health & Safety requirement.
Every worker needs one. It can identify risks that can contribute to work related upper limb disorders. Poor ergonomics that can have a detrimental affect on employees, hindering performance and contributing to absenteeism.

Here we offer some simple best practices for a more comfortable working environment:

1. Desk Accessories

Make sure your keyboard is situated in a comfortable position just above the thighs, and that your mouse is at the optimum distance This means you donít need to stretch too far. Wrist supports for your keyboard and a mouse mat will assist your correct working position. If youíre on the phone for long periods of time, have you considered a head set?

2. Screen Comfort

Your screen position and readability are essential for both your body and eyesight. Your screen should be positioned just at armís reach. If the screen is unable to tilt or move, if it flickers or if it canít be adjusted, then these are issues which need addressing. Similarly, if there is glare from your windows or ceiling lights, then this can seriously affect your ability to read your screen correctly and will put additional strain on your eyes.

3. Desks and Chairs

You must be able to adjust your office furniture to the optimum position. There needs to be enough surface room on your desk for you to reach everything easily. You also need to ensure that your chair can be tilted, lifted and has arm rests.

Given you are sitting for most of the day, your office chair is vital. Ensure itís comfortable and supportive so that your spine keeps its natural curve. A backrest and footrest may be beneficial if your feet are unable to touch the floor.

4. Tidy Working Environment

Itís essential that your immediate environment is easy to work from. Having a clean, clutter free desk will promote a healthy working space. Consider tying loose cables together, keeping all items you need on a daily basis within easy reach; anything else can be filed away. An in-tray can help keep current documents in an ordered fashion.

5. Light and Airy

Ensure you have enough natural light and access to an open window for ventilation. Consider acoustics and temperature when youíre working. Avoiding drafts or stuffy radiators. Even colours used on the walls have an impact on how you feel when working.

6. Hot desking

With this rise in flexible working patterns, open plan offices and the ability to work from home, many of us no longer have one fixed desk. Some organisations trial working more informally in communal spaces, standing up, or holding meetings in canteens. All employers have a responsibility to ensure any temporary workspace, including home working, is comfortable.

7. Design of Office Space

If you think your office space could be organised better, why not make some improvement suggestions to your boss. Rearranging desks, adding corner desks, sit stand desks, communal meeting spaces and quiet break out areas can all save space and help organise the office better. Often small changes can help refresh your environment and have an effect on workplace happiness and productivity.

8. Help Yourself!

All the ergonomic equipment in the world canít help you if youíre unreceptive to it. Make sure you take time in the day for regular breaks, movement and standing. Check your posture every so often and make sure youíre not slouching at your desk. If youíve identified something that is affecting your ability to work, make sure you mention it to avoid injury or prolonged discomfort.

We can help you too!

Aston & James can assist your local business with DSE Assessments and give advice on the best ergonomic office furniture for your needs. Why not book an assessment today, or visit our office showroom to try out the furniture for yourself?

Are you sitting comfortably


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