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Even as we move closer to becoming a paperless society, paper is an office essential and will remain so for a very long time. Aston & James supply a wide range of paper to fulfil your office needs.

Even if your office is moving toward an electronic storage system, hard copies of important documents are necessary in case of a server crash or loss of computer data. While multi-use copy paper is the most common purchase, choosing your paper supplies more carefully can keep your printer and copier in better shape over a longer period of time. Using speciality paper for certain jobs can also minimise potential problems. For example, using inkjet paper rather than multi-use paper can help to prevent smearing and make the words on the page crisper; while using photo paper is an excellent option for those looking for high-quality colour.

It helps to have a variety of paper on hand in your business for generic jobs where you just need words printed on a page; multi-use paper is an inexpensive and effective option.

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