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A centre of activity in any office is always the printer. Even if you are one of the millions of offices trying to become paperless, a printer is a necessity. Now that printers also serve as scanners and copiers, having the right office furniture to house these machines is more important than ever. Aston & James has a number of different printer stands to fit your everyday needs, no matter what size or model your printer might be.

Printer stands are important pieces of office furniture because they help make the office neater and more efficient. By providing a place where a printer won’t be accidentally kicked or damaged, you save on repair costs. A good printer stand can also store extra paper to load the printer with, saving trips to an office storage room and thus saving time as well. Our printer stands can also be used to store excess printed materials, whether somebody is late picking up a job or whether you need a high number of fax cover sheets on hand.

When selecting a printer stand from Aston & James, you will want to keep your printer size and needs in mind. We can provide a stand that works for any make and model of printer, allowing you to focus on making personalised choices such as the design and overall look.

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