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Wall and Notice Boards

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Having plenty of notice boards posted on the walls of your office can help ensure that your employees are always on the same page. The more communication an office has, the more efficient it will be. Notice boards allow employees to remember important new policies and keep important dates constantly in mind.

Aston & James offers many different types of wall boards and supplemental office supplies. This includes drywipe boards that can be erased and re-written whenever necessary, as well as cleaning fluid and extra markers for such boards. Chalk boards provide an older feel but are unique and interesting in their visual look, not to mention easy to clean and erase. Pin boards allow important memos to be attached, which is ideal if you have a lot of flyers and paper notices going around the office. By using a pin board, you can keep paper waste down while still getting important announcements out to employees.

Aston & James also provides a number of different accessories that can help make your wall boards more effective. This includes magnets for drywipe boards, allowing them to have papers posted on them, and chrome letters that can give any board a sleek look. These wallboard supplies will greatly increase communication throughout your office.

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